Endocrinology & Diabetes

We offer professional advice on prevention and management of diseases like thyroid conditions , diabetes mellitus , high cholesterol , osteoporosis, adrenal and pituitary conditions .

Introduction to Endocrinology & Diabetes

Screening & Diagnosis

Many endocrine diseases have the underlying changes way before significant clinical presentations. With proper history taking and physical examinations, appropriate investigations may be arranged according the clinical risks to pick up early changes with chances of early interventions. 

With technology advancement, medical professionals are equipped with more and more tests for the workup of various conditions. Endocrinologists are trained to integrate the biology and physiology of our body during the interpretation of tests results thus making full use of the new technologies in making diagnosis.


Prevention & Management

Some chronic diseases like lipid disorders, diabetes and thyroid diseases have a wide spectrum of clinical features and associated complications. Management of such diseases is not just magic pills but sets of services targeting different stages of the disease journey.

The holistic view of body function may help endocrinologist in providing cutting-edge and personalized treatment options. Endocrinologists may also provide information on various chronic diseases so as to empower and support patients  actively participating in the management process.